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Focus on collaboration instead of taking notes
Effortlessly share meeting summaries and action items
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Google Meet
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How Works

Add to your meeting

Simply add to your next meeting calendar invite. Our AI-powered bot will ask to join the call like any other guest.

Our bot takes notes so you don't have to

Once joins your meeting, the rest is automated. The team can focus on collaboration instead of taking notes.

Instant meeting summary and action items

Once your meeting is over, will send a meeting outcome with a summary, action items, decisions, and discussed topics.

Team collaboration, simplified

With, everyone gets a copy of the meeting outcome right after the meeting is over. You can easily share outcomes with teammates and key stakeholders.

AI Meeting Analyzer Benefits

Improve team meetings

Your team can focus on collaboration instead of note taking.

Magically create more time

Automate notes, action items, and decision logging.

Cut meeting waste by 85%

Finally end redundant and overly-subscribed meetings.

Get smarter with every meeting

Every meeting feeds your knowledge base.

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Get setup easy & fast

Built with Enterprise Privacy & Security

You own your data. We support SSO. We auto-delete all meeting media (audio & video) after processing.

Zero learning curve

Our user experience is simple to use and stripped down to the most crucial features.

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